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Each month we will take a moment to reflect and focus on topics that will empower us emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

This year has been one of many obstacles, challenges and change. Let’s take a look at how we can move forward with our “New Normal”

Looking To 2021 -Adapting To A New Normal

It doesn’t matter who you are, COVID has changed your world. Whether you lost someone close to you, lost your job, or just made it through by the skin of your teeth. COVID has changed the world forever, but you have control over your future. It’s up to you to find a way to adapt to the new normal and to build a future you look forward to.

One thing is certain now and it’s that adjusting to change and being flexible is a challenge. The same goes whether it’s a sudden or gradual change, a planned or unplanned change. It’s inevitable, though, change is a natural part of the human experience. Of course, we are all in the same boat now.

While COVID has touched people differently and changed things radically for some and only slightly for others, it has touched us all. No one has been left untouched by the pandemic. Whether you’re a high-risk immunocompromised person who has been locked down since March or you’re an essential worker who has continued to put yourself in danger to help meet the needs of others, your life will never be the same.

Thriving In The Midst of Adversities.

Last year introduced a world of constant change, loss, destruction, and negativity. However, in the midst of that, we have been challenged to learn how to effectively manage and move beyond the adversities of life, so that we can continue to flourish, grow, and become the person God created us to be! This year we want to pay extra close intention to the idea of thriving in the midst of adversities. Each month we will present a new featured article that will support that theme.

Finding The Power Within – The Power Of Coping Strategies

Life is not fair. How many times has someone said this to you? Maybe you’ve even said it to other people. Coping strategies are necessary to survive and thrive. Psychologists explain why coping strategies are essential and why you need them in your life. Coping strategies help people navigate their way through life’s challenges. Success in life is based on a person’s coping strategies and overcoming challenges and obstacles.

Ancient humans faced many dangers. While exploring their world, and things didn’t always turn out the way they hoped they would. A fruit that looked edible could poison them, and an animal that was easy to catch might not taste very good. Disappointment has always been part of the human experience, and modern society is no different. Let’s look at why having coping strategies are so important.