Send a LOVE NOTE – Let’s Stay Connected!

The Mission – Share Encouragement

Beauty For Ashes Is on a mission…again! We want to make sure that our communities stay connected, even in the midst of this Pandemic. Help us share words of encouragement to our community members who are experiencing hardship and displacement.

Get Involved, How can you help?…..

Request #1

Send your love notes to us. Yup, that is it! It can be a handwritten letter. A greeting card, an email message, or a short note. We ask that you take a few moments out of your day to create your love note(s). Send them to us, and we will pass them on to someone in this community who needs a simple word of encouragement.

Request #2

2nd -Spread the word. Share this with 10 people you know that would be willing to write a love note for someone in our community. This is a challenge that will require all hands on deck!

Join BFA as we help us to remain Community Connected!

Our words have power! We can use our words to share love, lift spirits, and most importantly let people know that they are not alone. This is something that we all can do together – even though we have to physically stay apart.

Send Your Notes Here:

By Mail :
Beauty for Ashes Empowerment P O Box 8082Greenville, SC 29604

By Email: