Beauty For Ashes Spotlight : Ms. Channon Reid

Ms. Channon Reid has dedicated her life to being an outstanding, caring educator, challenging young minds to reach their full potential early in life.  Ms. Reid is the daughter of Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Mamie Reid. She started her teaching career in 2019 and is currently in her 4th year of teaching at Grove Elementary School. She began teaching with 3rd graders and is now shaping the young minds of 2nd graders. 

The Start Of Her Journey

Ms. Reid grew up in Simpsonville, South Carolina. She attended and graduated from Woodmont High School. Her college aspirations led her to the College of Charleston. In her 3rd year she began working in the lab at MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina. Being interested in math and science, she focused her attention on majoring in BioChemistry and worked in the Neuroscience Lab. While working in the lab she became interested in the possibility of becoming an Orthodontist, something that she had dreamed of since she was 6 years old. Eventually she changed her major and double majored, earning degrees in Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Accounting in 2003.

After graduating, Ms. Reid worked a series of jobs, not knowing that she was destined for something totally different than her previous majors. She spent some time working in the accounting office  at a Church and Christian Academy in Simpsonville, South Carolina ; and in her spare time being a room mom. After being laid off from her job in 2009, she started to think strongly about going back to school. In the beginning she was not quite sure that she had the patience to work with children. In her search for a profession, it never had occurred to her that being a teacher was a possibility. The one thing she knew was that she always loved being around children. 

Finding Her Calling

Around 2009, Ms. Reid thought about going back to school to get her degree in Education but moved on from the thought. In 2015, Ms. Reid tragically suffered the loss of her brother, her only sibling. Grieving for her brother, she had some tough decisions that she had to make. After his death, she had a revelation from God that maybe all her previous jobs were not working out because they were not her true calling. She decided to walk in her true calling and go back to school to teach. In January 2016, Ms. Reid went back to school for a degree in Early Childhood Education while also obtaining a degree in Spanish. Her degree in Spanish allowed her to travel to Spain and Nicaragua. When her travels and studies were complete, Ms. Reid graduated, accepted a job at Grove Elementary and never regretted the assignment. 


Ms. Reid told me that she enjoys teaching and finds joy in being around the children, but sometimes teaching can be very challenging, because Ms. Reid’s school, Grove Elementary, currently does not have a PTA. Although teachers are allocated $300 from the State to assist with school supplies, it is just not enough. When extra funds are needed to provide classroom necessities, Ms. Reid often takes them from her own pocket. She has purchased multiple bookcases, books, and other supplies for her students.  She is blessed to have her mother, Mrs. Mamie Reid, who helps with supplies every year.

Ms. Reid always knew that she never wanted to end her career working for a company where she only impacted their profit and loss statement. She wanted to positively impact people and make a difference in a person’s life. She found that “something” in teaching. 

When I asked Ms. Reid what impressions she would like to leave on the students in her care, she had this to say….

1. “Education gives you options to see past what you think are limited  possibilities for you.” 

2. “Own your learning…You and only you are in charge of your learning. No one can learn for you.”

 3. “Teaching is linear. Your first job may not be the one you end up with.” 

Not only does she inspire change, but she leads by example. Ms. Reid will receive her Master’s in Education Literacy in July 2023 from Furman University. 

Thank You Ms. Channon Reid.

Beauty For Ashes Empowerment salutes and celebrates Ms. Channon Reid. She is truly an exceptional teacher, inspiring change in her students. We pray that she continues to educate, nurture, and inspire all children in her care with a spirit of excellence. Thank you for being an outstanding educator.

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  1. Kim Adams says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Story on Ms. Reid ❤️

  2. Stephanie Cohens says:

    This is an amazing story about Ms. Channon Reid. I applaud Ms. for all that she does for her students.

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