Never Settle, Always Strive For More

First, there is no point in striving for more when you are unable to be grateful for what you have now. So, be sure that you appreciate everything you have and everything that you have achieved up to this point. However, being grateful definitely doesn’t mean that you need to settle for anything in life. Part of the human experience is in growth and it is required for happiness.

Rose Tinted Glasses

If you see life through a negative lens then there’s a good chance it won’t matter where you live, what type of job you have, or how big your paycheck is – there will always be a part of you that wants more because you’re unhappy with your lot in life. You want to move away, you want to find a new job, you want to earn more money, or you would rather have your neighbor’s life.

You have probably commented on someone always viewing life through rose-tinted glasses, but have you ever noticed that those types of people are happier and more successful than you? So much of your life is shaped by the state of your mind and how you view the world.

You can acknowledge the atrocities that are going on, you can be passionate about effecting change, but that doesn’t mean that you should view your immediate surroundings through that same lens. You will experience struggles, loss, hurt, and upset.

It’s a typical part of life, and you can take the time to process those emotions and work through them. There’s a difference between this and allowing them to cloud your view of your achievements and place in life.

If you are content to stay as you are then you will never actually be truly content. Understand that your amazing life takes seed in a great mind. Part of always striving for more is in being positive about what you can offer the world and in what you can achieve from life. Sometimes shutting out the background noise and learning how to focus on yourself is the key to unlocking a life of contentment.

Set Goals, Achieve Goals, Set More Goals

The truth is that your goals will dictate the person you become. If you have none then it isn’t an indication of a driven purpose or someone who will be content with life. This is the type of person who will likely wonder where it all went wrong as they wallow in their misery. However, someone who isn’t willing to settle will push himself or herself to strive for more.

How can you do this? Goal setting is by far the most efficient way to push yourself to succeed. Not just one goal either, but multiple goals (both short-term and long-term). When you set a long-term goal you should also create shorter-term goals that are steps you will take in a bid to achieve your long-term goals. This will help you push through obstacles and overcome any challenges you may face in your journey.

Here’s the thing about goal setting – when you achieve one goal and set another you are constantly pushing yourself to learn more, do more, and be a better person. This is how you strive for more and never settle for less than you deserve. It isn’t anything to do with being greedy, it’s about being grateful for what you have, and pushing yourself to continue on the same path.

Keep Pressing Forward

Therefore, the next time someone suggests that you settle with your lot in life you can tell him or her that while you are content with what you have and grateful for everything you achieved – you will continue to push yourself to achieve greatness. There is no cap on happiness.

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