5 Actions That Tend To Hold People Back

There are a lot of people in the world who just seem to be unable to get anything done – they don’t seem to accomplish anything… are you one of those people?

Do you spend your days wondering why on earth you never manage to get anywhere?

You do the things you think will help you accomplish your goals, but you never seem to get there in the end? Here are a few of the most common reasons people never accomplish anything

They Believe The Negatives

We all have a level of mental chatter that guides us, unfortunately, much of it is negative and we start to believe that. Start observing your self-talk and take note of how much of it is negative and aimed right at you. It’s difficult to stay positive and achieve success when you get caught up in buying the negative self-talk that’s feeding you.

Negative self-talk is somewhat due to the wiring of our brain, but the first thing you need to realize is that most of it is entirely false. No one will be as hard on you as you are, so it’s time to start creating more positive messages to balance the negative self-talk.

They Give In

Success is impossible without a smattering of grit – grit is simply the determination, the perseverance to keep pushing until you achieve your goals. While people with grit will experience failure, the key is that they don’t ever give in or give up.

Grit can be developed – but one of the most effective ways to harness its power is by finding purpose and passion in the work that you’re doing. Of course, it also helps if it’s something you are good at naturally. So, finding work that fits in with those things may be helpful if this is something you struggle with.

They Let Go Of Their Dreams

Everyone has a dream (or more than one) and as we get older we start to give up on those dreams. We fall into this trap of believing that it’s too late – that we’re too old to chase those dreams. You’re never too old – there are plenty of people who don’t achieve things until later in life.

Age is just a number – if you’ve let go of your dreams it’s time to reignite your passion and start the chase, no matter how big or small.

They Believe What Others Say

There will always be someone who stands by and tells you that your ideas are nuts, that you don’t stand a chance of succeeding. Guess what? You might go through more rejections than anything else at the start, but that doesn’t mean the naysayers are right. Start trusting your instincts, listen to your gut, and shut out the rest of the noise.

If you struggle with shutting those negative voices out you can seek a mentor or hire a coach who will help you focus on your gut.

Their Motivations Are Extrinsic

This is probably the most common reason for your struggle to accomplish anything – you are motivated by promotions, you are motivated by a larger paycheck, you’re motivated by the validation that comes from others.

This doesn’t help you achieve the success you want, it may even cause you to stray off your own path to chase another – one that will bring you the money, etc. Does the work you do light your fire? Are you passionate about it or is it just… tolerable? You are far more likely to achieve the success you want when your motivations are intrinsic.

Does your job excite you? Does your life make you happy? If the answer is no, then it’s time for a re-think. Whether it’s a deep dive analysis of your lifestyle, your career or your relationships. Think about what you really want from life. If you suspect a career change is in order then you should be prepared for some thin times – if it’s what you really want, you’ll find a way to make it through.

We all have our own reasons for failing to accomplish anything, it could be fear, it could be a propensity for listening to the negativity or others, but whatever your reason – you can overcome it to achieve what you want in life.

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