Change Is Scary-But Good

CS Lewis once quoted, “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” Although embracing change is a rather scary feat, the benefits far outweigh the potential threat. Think back to when you were a senior in high school. Perhaps you had your circle of friends, a well-liked reputation, and even a fun job.

Despite the familiarity associated with your hometown, you eventually were expected to graduate high school and begin your new life as an adult. Surely, as the graduation feelings wore off, the reality of this immense change set in.

Do you remember those fears? The unknown seemed so frightening. As you reminisce of your past apprehension, you may chuckle slightly. You endured that change and the fears associated with it.

Change is uncomfortable. Change is brutal. Change is unpredictable.

Change is uncomfortable. Change is brutal. Change is unpredictable. While those descriptive terms are accurate, change can also be refreshing. It can reveal the inner strengths that were previously unknown. Since we cannot avoid change, its best we learn to embrace it.

By controlling our reaction to spontaneous events, we will be able to move with change as opposed to resisting it. Let’s consider three ways that change can prove to be a benefit to your life.

Change Enforces Growth

Throughout American history, social justice has been a recurring topic of consideration. Many individuals seek to evoke change through movements, demonstrations, and speeches. Without this need for social change, American society would not have refreshing innovators from various backgrounds.

Growth requires some sort of shift in mentality, perspective and actions. With that comes the elimination of previous familiarities and the introduction of new ones. When changes occur, try to view them as preparations for something bigger; something that will inevitably boost your overall success.

Change Predestines Success

As mentioned, without changes, success isn’t attainable. If you are embarking on a full marathon, likely you wouldn’t spend your days binge-watching your favorite shows or snacking on junk food. In order to successfully complete the race, you have to change your routine.

This involves changing your eating habits, training schedule, and focus. If you continue to repeat the same actions daily, but wish for a different outcome, you are by definition insane. While this meaning seems harsh, the reality is accurate. You cannot reach greatness by living in normality. By changing your activities, you are preparing yourself to achieve your goals.

Change Takes Strength

It takes great courage to leave behind your comfort zone and embark on something new. Although this act requires great strength, it can be a bit intimidating. You have no idea what your new venture has to offer. It takes a great deal of supremacy to embrace possible hurt or deception.

Change Is Scary-But Good

Despite the fears involved, change can bring about awesome opportunities that could increase your overall happiness. In addition, you will improve your overall resiliency. You will be able to look back on past times of fear and use that experience as motivation.

Rely on your inner strength and live with an open mind.

Imagine staying in an unhealthy relationship simply because you are afraid of meeting someone new. Or, picture yourself staying in your miserable town just because you don’t know what else is out there.

On a lower level, what if you never tried that foreign cuisine that is now your absolute favorite? If you live your life afraid of something different, you are missing out on what life has to offer.

By staying in a bubble, you may never experience exciting adventures or meet likeminded people. Instead of being satisfied with a lack of growth, embrace the beauty that change has to offer. Rely on your inner strength and live with an open mind.

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