Self-Analysis Is Scary But Greatly Rewarding

Self-Analysis Is Scary But Greatly Rewarding
Self-Analysis Is Scary But Greatly Rewarding

Some might argue that self-analysis is just a path to self-criticism. Because our society is fixated on a quest for improvement, it can often seem like the true purpose of any self-analysis work is merely to uncover all that is wrong with you.

There is another way to think about this work. When trying to know and understand yourself better, you can choose one of two paths of thought. “What scary things will I find deep down,” or “What parts of myself are longing to be set free?”

Self-analysis Is More Than Understanding Your True Gifts.

Self-analysis is not only about understanding your true gifts but also in examining why these have not been revealed more in your life. The answer is because we also store our pain and emotional wounds alongside these gifts and talents. The reasons you have not expressed a particular talent up until now is, somewhere along the way, negative emotions became attached to that feeling of expression, and now, it’s frightening even to consider letting it loose.

What To Consider In Self-Analysis

Self-analysis then becomes a challenge of revealing these personal gifts, allowing them to be expressed, but also releasing the negative emotions and energy that have been holding them back for so long. But, facing these feelings and forging ahead, despite the confrontation of your old emotions, can reveal the path to a happier future. And while aspects of your true self and inner gifts may frighten you, moving past your fear can show their real contributions to your life.

1. The Intensity of Your Emotions

You may be frightened to reveal the intensity of how you really feel. When you dig deep inside, you are likely to find strong passion, great anger, intense jealousy, and fierce power. This intensity can be hard for you to handle, and it may be difficult for others to handle, too. Self-analysis can reveal the power and intensity you have deep inside, but if you have worked your whole life to suppress or temper that intensity, it can be scary to let it all go.

2. The Vulnerability of Your True Self

Most of us have had to develop over time a shell that protects us from the pain of life. Some shells are thicker and tougher out of necessity. At your core, you are vulnerable and sensitive to your own pain as well as the pain of others, and when you tap into that and reveal it, it can be frightening. Not only does that mean you might feel too vulnerable and open to hurt, but others may see that vulnerability as well. You think the shell is necessary and vital, and even acknowledging it can be a daunting task.

3. The Uniqueness of Your Spirit

While we are alike in many ways, there is no one on the planet quite like you. While originality can be a valued trait, being too different is often a reason for scorn or ridicule. Self-analysis has the power to reveal your unique spirit, but what if you’re too original? Feeling isolated from others can be a concern when working on understanding our true selves, as we want to be ourselves but also not isolate ourselves from others.

The Uniqueness of Your Spirit

The Uniqueness of Your Spirit

4. Moving Past the Fear

The work of self-analysis, therefore, is one of the choices. But the decision is not limited to, “should I,” or “shouldn’t I?” Instead, it is one of the degrees, of finding ways to express your inner gifts and true self in stages that allow you to feel comfortable and safe. Providing yourself with the opportunities and understanding to honor your gifts and inner self will reveal the scary but satisfying path to knowing yourself more fully.

Self-analysis is more than self-awareness.

Self-analysis is not just about self-awareness but also self-improvement and development. Instead of focusing on new skills and talents, though, the first step should include allowing who you are to shine and flourish.

What are your gifts, and how are you currently holding them back?

How can you be more of the authentic, vulnerable, unique person you are meant to be? While it is scary to reveal the dark emotions that may be hiding these aspects of yourself, the results are worth the effort.

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